aceWe’ve spent a lot of time at Ace Hotel New York on 28th Street over the years: Fashion Week parities, the grand opening of O.C. where all our friends hang, the bestie RASHAAD NEWSOME’S showing at their artist in residence series, and countless unforgettable New York City nights. There’s even a kid in our office whose ex got a room at their desert gem in Palm Springs for the weekend in an attempt to win back his love (It didn’t work apparently, but according to Nolan, the weekend was “the best complement ever”). Ace has insanely good memories for us all at The Tenth, and well sometimes, the best pairings are the most obvious ones.

So when it was time to head West for our HOLLYWOOD ISSUE, we were lucky enough to climb into bed on the 10th floor of the beautiful historic Ace Hotel Downtown LA and purr into their ears for a little support on the issue. Before we knew it they were blushing, the temperature had risen to a steamy 90 degrees, and we were copulating like a couple of virgin teenage boys who didn’t know that L.A. had already ruined our innocence. At least there would be no walk of shame involved–we were already in love, unified by our passions of inclusion and expansion, and we didn’t plan on going anywhere. Not when the object of our desire was that stylish and hip.

Some brands get it, some brands don’t. So boys, take note, because some of the shops you live for, may not love you back. Ace even commissioned DONOVAN EDWARDS to create a kick-ass piece of artwork featuring icon/mutha BAYARD RUSTIN for the issue, perhaps proving that love can happen overnight … at Ace. The morning after had new felt so good, Los Angeles never so bright.


Check out our partnership with Ace Hotel in The Tenth, Volume Three.

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